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Manifestation and the amazing POWER of water! As you know, water is one of the most essential natural elements that exist on our planet. We would literally not exist as humans without it and contemplating this fact can really put into perspective how magical and powerful water is.

Our planet and our bodies are made up of about 70% of water. A human would survive only 3-4 days without drinking water and our food sources would eventually completely diminish. Manifestation can be understood as the ability to intentionally direct energy through various methods and then experience this energy in the physical realm. It is the curating of pure potential into forms and experiences.

Our biological existence has been manifested through the medium of water and so, it is fitting that we learn to more skillfully wield this element that is so integrally a part of us to intentionally manifest the intricate parts of our human experience. The (Affirmations) in Hindi | Powerful Manifestation Technique

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