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Welcome to this, "Manifest A Specific Person" Law Of Attraction Session. This special soothing sleep meditation with powerful binaural beats was designed to aid you in sending your intentions into the universe, manifesting a specific person into your life. Can be used to attract and manifest a romantic relationship, or friendship into your life with the specific person you desire.

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🎧 Subliminal Messages:
1.) I feel love flowing into my life.
2.) I know they feel the same about me.
3.) I claim this relationship and the love it will bring into my life.
4.) I know my soulmate will show themselves to me.
5.) I know their love is growing for me.
6.) I know they can't stop thinking about me.
7.) Our love will blossom into a beautiful relationship.
8.) I claim this loving relationship.
9.) I am theirs and they are mine, it is done.
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Law Of Attraction is a known and powerful tool used by the successful to manifest their deepest desires into material reality. By using the power of your creative mind, you can send your desires into the universe and inches you closer to success. This, "Manifest A Specific Person" Sleep Meditation is specifically designed to help your manifest the relationship you desire.

Sleep Meditation is a type of meditative session used specifically to soak into the subconscious mind, aiding with mental blockages or any other issues that may hinder your ability to reach your goals. This meditation, it aims at helping you feel more confident and happy with yourself. To feel self-love and allow yourself to open up to others for deeper connections.

Binaural Beats are special duel audio tones used to tap into certain brainwave states naturally. Delta Waves, a certain band of brainwaves, are perfect for relaxing the body, mind, and soul. In the delta brainwave state, enjoy the beneficial subconscious change that helps you reach your goals.

We hope you enjoyed today's law of attraction session for manifesting a specific person. Wishing you all peace and love!
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