The Law Of Attraction: Fact Or Fiction?

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In this first part of our investigation into the and the philosophy behind the popular film, “” (written by Rhonda Byrne) we explore the beliefs behind this “Law” and its potential flaws.

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The has been around for quite a while now, with roots that stem back into the 1800s, along with the rise of Spirituality.

But with Rhonda Byrne’s film, “” that was promoted extensively by Oprah Winfrey, the has reached whole new heights of popularity. This in addition to the continuous popularity and sales of ’s “”, have created a large following of believers in the Law of Attraction and the idea that our thoughts and feelings are able to quite literally change the reality we are living in.

Which begs the question… does the law of attraction work? Can I truly manifest the life I want?

In the first part of this two-part series I’ll be taking a look into the actual philosophy behind the Law of Attraction, the supposed “science” behind this belief, and potential explanations for why it can sometimes seem like our thoughts and feelings are able to change our reality.

In the second part of this two-part series, I’ll be taking a look at the Spirituality industry, the gurus, and where the money flows. Because make no mistake: this is no small business. Individuals like Rhonda Byrne, Esther Hicks, , have made millions from promoting this ideology. But how trustworthy are these people, and is there a darker truth behind these seemingly innocent, “optimistic” individuals?

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Prologue – 00:00 – 1:26
Prelude – 2:36
The "Law" – 3:00
Pseudoscience – 6:30
Untouchable Belief – 12:00
Toxic Beliefs – 19:05
Conclusion/Credits – 25:00


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