EXHAUSTIVE GUIDE: Manifesting a Specific Person (Neville Goddard Techniques)

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500 Hours of Deep Studies + 9 Years of Systematic Research + Thousands of Vetted Testimonials = Complete, Exhaustive Guide for Manifesting a Specific Person, the Laser-Focused, Deliberate, Systematic Way.

I've received tens of thousands of questions, thousands of testimonials, have hundreds of hours of recorded conversations, successes, failures, my own experiences, other's stories, and the experience of nearly a DECADE of experimentation and data analysis of manifesting to bring forth this video.

Is it the last word? Is it the end all, be all? Want your specific person in the most effective way possible?

How to get the Checklist / Manual [FIXED]
Visit https://sovrinmind.com and on the top of the page should be a tool-bar, which says, "Manifesting a Specific Person Exhaustive Guide Checklist". Enter your email into it, click submit, and you will be prompted to download the PDF.

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