Russ ON: Delusional Self-Confidence & How To Start Manifesting Your Dream Life

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Russ is an American rapper, record producer, and author of the best-selling inspirational book, It’s All In Your Head. His latest album, Shake the Snow Globe, debuted at number four on the Billboard charts, becoming Russ’ third consecutive top-ten album. He joins us to share his self-development journey, the beliefs needed for true success, and how he keeps his ego in check despite his prolific accomplishments in the music industry.

What We Discuss with Russ:

00:00 Intro
01:30 What advice does Russ have for his 17 year old self
02:39 How did Russ’s father help shape his mindset for success
06:15 Why is delusion so powerful & how can you use it productively
09:42 What is Russ's secret to developing a greater sense of presence
16:10 Why is it important to "Shake your Snow Globe"
18:55 How can you learn to trust yourself in uncertainty
22:16 How does Russ balance self-confidence and ego
26:59 How can you tell the difference between healthy & toxic competition
30:14 Why you should stop judging people for things they don’t enjoy
32:59 How to navigate the pros & cons of fame & fortune
37:39 Why you’re probably stuck in your head & how to get out
41:47 How you can harness the power of ideas to manifest your reality
45:25 Why true success is bigger than yourself
48:34 How to love & give without expectation
51:55 Why shouldn't you put a deadline on achieving success

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