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this subliminal is designed to give you the ability to manifest positive things extremely fast and effortlessly! open the description for all the subliminal benefits!!

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okay so, before you read the contents please know this subliminal is very powerful and i'm sure you will get AMAZING results whilst using it! this subliminal also makes sure you will not manifest any intrusive thoughts or any negative thoughts, everything you manifest will be positive! please remember you are truly able to manifest anything! the only thing limiting you is yourself.

subliminal contents_
▸manifest anything you want extremely fast
▸manifest good things into your life effortlessly
▸shape your life to your exact desires
▸easily manifest things
▸become a master at law of attraction
▸completely master manifestation
▸only manifest good things
▸manifest anything you truly desire
▸immune to manifesting intrusive thoughts
▸attract your desires easily
▸extremely fast results from subliminals
▸immune to limiting beliefs
▸be aligned with your desires
▸have self love and gratitude
▸always be happy and positive
▸have high vibrations
▸have complete control over your life
▸truly have reign over what happens in your life
▸live your life exactly the way you want
▸you have always had what the things you manifesting
▸you work together with the universe to achieve results
▸your desires instantly become a reality
▸only manifest positive desires
▸easily visualise in high detail
▸become a master at scripting
▸instantly rebuke all negative thoughts
▸become optimistic
▸know everything will have a positive outcome
▸remove all limiting beliefs
▸anything preventing you from manifesting is removed
▸completely master your reality and everything inside
▸manifest things effortlessly
▸all good things you desire are manifested instantly
▸everything you truly want is instantly manifested
▸see signs that your desires are becoming reality
▸all your desires have already manifested
▸your desires are reality as they always have been
▸be in a healthy mental state
▸manifest anything in literal days
▸you believe your desires are possible
▸easily detach to manifest your goals
▸have patience in your goals
▸know you will manifest your desires
▸know that you can do literally anything
▸have unwavering belief in the universe
▸have extreme belief that your desires will manifest
▸manifest your desires whatever the size
▸whenever you breath and your desires are manifest faster
▸whenever you blink and your desires manifest faster
▸everytime your heart beats your desires manifest faster
▸everytime you think of your desires they manifest faster
▸manifesting is second nature to you
▸change anything in your reality
▸have the power to change literally anything
▸become immune to all doubts your manifestations
▸permanent results
▸fast subliminal results

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extra notes/tips_

▸no affirmations are distorted
▸this is layered and looped lots of times!
▸affirmations are at a moderate speed
▸no harmful/negative affirmations
▸positive safe affirmations
▸desired results
▸downloadable subliminal
▸no frequencies or binaural beats

▸listen as many times as you are comfortable
▸the more you listen the faster the results
▸listen to it at a low volume
▸drink plenty of water
▸not accepting any requests.
╰ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ╯

music used:
gfriend – love whisper (piano)

what is a subliminal audio?_
subliminal audios are music with affirmations hidden behind it made to target and reprogram your subconscious mind positively. affirmations are positive sentences ( examples: 'i am healthy' or 'i am beautiful' ). the hidden subliminal affirmations bypass your conscious mind reaching your subconscious where they can reprogram your mind positively, producing real visible results and changes. subliminal results can take anywhere from 1 week to 3 months for full results.

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thank you all for listening ♡

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