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Speaker: Dr

gives the into why people struggle to their greatest potentials in life. He explains how we are innately divine creators, but we surrender power, usually within the first 5 minutes of the day, by plugging into our known stimuli, and focusing all out attention on the problems of the world.

00:00 – The Power (or Disempowerment) Of A Morning Routine
01:30 – Deciding Your Destiny, One Decision At A Time
02:30 – Self Sabotage (Traps Of The Subconscious Mind)
03:30 – What Is Quantum Physics?
04:30 – Collapsing The Wave Function (How To )
05:30 – All Possibilities Exist NOW
06:00 – Why You're Not Manifesting
06:30 – Opening The Heart To Expand Your Magnetic Field
07:10 – The Ripple Effect
07:30 – The Science Of Manifesting Quantum Potentials
08:00 – Broadcasting Your Electro-Magnetic Signature
08:35 – Sin
09:00 – It Takes Training (It's Not Overnight!)
09:25 – Life Is About The Management Of Energy

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